Obviously I am NOT a professional handler but you don’t have to be to enjoy this sport with your canine companion. Check out some of Annie’s runs on youtube.

The AKC Website has all the information you will need to get started in any AKC event. Check it out at www.akc.org.

The best advice I can think of is to join a dog club in your area and sign up for some classes. Agility is not as easy as it looks so don’t get discouraged if you feel off balance, uncoordinated and cannot remember which is your left or right side. You will feel amazing when it all starts coming together!

Annie’s First FAST Run Ever

Annie’s Title Fast Run

Not a qualifying Run but FUN just the same

Annie’s 2nd Fastest Run

Annie’s First Qualifying Score in Standard

Annie’s OPEN FAST run at SOTC May 2013

Annie’s NOVICE STANDARD run at SOTC May 2013