AKC Rally Rules and Regulations can be found on their website at http://www.akc.org/pdfs/rulebooks/RO2999.pdf

A very good explanation of AKC Rally is at http://www.akc.org/events/rally/getting_started.cfm

What is Rally?

Check out Annie’s runs below.

Novice is the first level and is done on the leash. It takes three qualifying scores to earn an AKC title. A qualifying score is 70 points out of 100.  These two runs are numbers 2 and 3 of Annie’s qualifying scores at Syracuse, NY.

Run One at Salt City March 2012

Run number two at Salt City March 2012-The Title Run

Advanced is the second level and is off leash. We attended an AKC Sanctioned MATCH to practice our Advanced Rally. A match does not earn points for an AKC Title. You run the course with an AKC Judge scoring your run just as if it were for points. After your run is complete, the judge gives you the score and then explains it to you. The fee is nominal for the lessons you can learn.

1st Rally Advanced Match-Geneva NY

The ring next to us is running a Utility Dog Match. As you can see, Annie is a bit distracted. That has to do with the fact that the ring over there is ‘playing fetch’ a game that Annie is extremely competitive at. She wants that dumb bell SO BAD. At least she tried to pay attention to me. 🙂

Annie’s Advanced Rally Runs
Susque-Nango Dog Club
Binghamton, NY

Annie’s 1st Run in Advanced Rally

Annie’s Title Run Advanced Rally

Annie’s 2nd Run in Advanced Rally

Daisey Mae’s Rally Runs
1st Rally Match-Geneva, NY

Daisey took 4th place in her very first show.  We went to an AKC Sanctioned Match in Geneva, NY. Matches are basically “Practice” shows which AKC approves. Title points cannot be earned at a Match but the experience is very valuable. Daisey is a little frightened of all the commotion at a trial but she leaned on me for support and believe it or not we took a 4th place out of 8 entries. I am very proud of her performance.

Daisey at Geneva Match 29 Apr 2012

2nd Run

Daisey’s first ‘Official’ Show for points- First Run