Health Testing

Health Testing

Best Kept Labs does DNA testing for the most common diseases known to the Labrador Retriever. Best Kept Labs chooses Paw Print Genetics, Spokane, WA because they are the only canine DNA testing lab we have found that does two independent tests on every sample.

You can learn more about them and genetic health testing at There are cheaper labs out there, but to our knowledge, those labs do not do independent double tests on every sample they receive.
No matter what Breed or Breeder you choose, ABSOLUTELY INSIST ON A PUPPY FROM HEALTH TESTED PARENTS! Ask to see the certificates issued by the testing facility. If the breeder cannot provide these certificates for you to view, we recommend you find another breeder.

YES you will pay more for a puppy from health tested parents no matter what their breed is. Unfortunately, purchasing a puppy that costs less today from a breeder who does not care enough to do health testing is like playing the lottery. You may well “win” by receiving a puppy with few or no health problems during it’s lifetime. However, like winning the lottery, the odds are not in the favor of you or that puppy. You end up not only with a bunch of high veterinary bills, but the pain and heartbreak of watching your best fur friend going through health issues which could have been avoided by health testing.

Healthy, socialized and trained puppies grow up to be happy and healthy dogs. Make sure you ask about health testing when you are looking for that perfect new puppy to join your family. Once you find your new fur baby, begin the search to find a good trainer in your area. Get their requirements prior to registering for classes.

Anything less for your new family member is just unacceptable.