Our puppies are loved from before birth. We take great pride in the care and selection of their parents and the care they receive while preparing for their forever homes. Puppies are identified in order of their birth. Initial health assessment, weight, color, time of birth are recorded and puppy tagged within seconds of their momma’s initial inspection.

Daily charts are kept for each puppy assessing it’s growth and notes of interest are made.

All puppies visit the Limerick Veterinary Clinic or Countryside Veterinary at 6 weeks of age for a health assessment, microchip and their first set of shots. Check them out at https://cvcpets.com/ and http://limerickveterinaryclinic.com/

We are very proud to have earned a reputation for genetically health testing our breeding pairs.

Health testing is our first requirement to accepting any pup into our breeding program. We test for ALL 15 GENETIC DISEASES known to the Labrador Retriever Breed using Paw Print Genetics in Spokane, Washington. There are many genetic testing companies out there but none of them (in our opinion) provide the accuracy and quality of Paw Print Genetics.