Candy was born in the Ukraine and comes from a very long line of show Champions. Per Genetic Health Testing from Paw Print Genetics Candy is a carrier for HNPK and EIC.

A carrier DOES NOT HAVE THE DISEASE, but when mated with another carrier of the same disease they will produce puppies with the disease. The sire to this litter IS NOT a carrier for HNPK and EIC. Her puppies will not be affected by these diseases. Her puppies are only available to pet homes.

She is as sweet as any piece of candy you could love. We have enjoyed her so much at Best Kept Labs.

After Candy’s last litter in July 2019, she was spayed and retired after the weaning of her pups.

Meet Candy & Her Accomplishments

Candy and her last litter July 2019
Candy's Pedigree
Candy & Walter playing in the snow
Our sweet girl, Candy
Candy playing ``Candy in the Middle`` with her new younger sisters. Rayna (front) and Mercedes (back). They are loving each other.